Post Basic in Peri-Operative Nursing | RSDH College

Post Basic in Peri-Operative Nursing

Duration: 6 Months

Study Mode: Conventional

Delivery Method: Theory, tutorial and clinical practice


The Peri-Operative Nursing programme is designed to provide knowledge and skills for Registered Nurses who are interested in pursuing a career in the operation theatre. Peri-Operative Nurses work closely with the surgeon, surgical patients, family members and other health care professionals to help plan, implement and evaluate surgical treatments.

Nurses will be able to perform a pre-assessment and risk management for surgical patients, assist in the administration of anesthesia, perform the role in scrubbing and circulating during surgical intervention to provide immediate post-operative care.

There are several routes for theatre nurses to further their careers including in management, education, research and pursuing their further studies to become a surgical care practitioner.


  • 6 months duration
  • Behavioural Sciences
  • – Fundamental Aspects of Perioperative Management
  • Medical Sciences
  • – Anatomy and Physiology
  • Nursing Sciences
  • – Perioperative Nursing Practices
  • – Infection Control in Perioperative Nursing
  • – Anaesthesia in Perioperative Nursing
  • – Operating Theatre Surgical Instruments and Equipment
  • – Clinical Practice I
  • – Clinical Practice II

Tuition Fee

  • Post Basic (Critical Care Nursing, Perioperative Nursing, Renal Nursing, Oncology Nursing) – RM8,000–RM13,000