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School of Nursing

Diploma in Nursing

Nursing is an integral part of the healthcare team and are professionals that are in great demand worldwide. Highly skilled graduate nurses can seek employment both locally and abroad. The Diploma in Nursing course offered by Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare College has been designed to provide graduates with the knowledge, skill and competence required to be a confident and caring nurse.
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Post Basic in Peri-Operative Nursing

The Peri-Operative Nursing programme is designed to provide knowledge and skills for Registered Nurses who are interested in pursuing a career in the operation theatre. Peri-Operative Nurses work closely with the surgeon, surgical patients, family members and other health care professionals to help plan, implement and evaluate surgical treatments. Nurses will be able to perform a pre-assessment and risk management for surgical patients, assist in the administration of anesthesia, perform the role in scrubbing and circulating during surgical intervention to provide immediate post-operative care. There are several routes for theatre nurses to further their careers including in management, education, research and pursuing their further studies to become a surgical care practitioner.
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Post Basic in Renal Nursing

The Renal Nursing course is designed to train Registered Nurses to be specialized professional health practitioners to care for patient with renal problems. Those who qualify with this certificate will be able to expand your career development as renal nursing expert locally and internationally. This course is accredited by the Malaysian Accreditation Agency and Nursing Board Malaysia. Graduates will be able to apply their knowledge and skills in areas that require the expertise of renal management example dialysis unit, renal ward, transplant units, renal product education, renal nursing education and supervision of students.
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Post Basic in Oncology Nursing

This Oncology Nursing course prepares graduates for the challenge of practice in the field of Oncology, in a variety of settings including acute care hospitals; ambulatory care clinics, radiation therapy facilities and hospice. The programme is also structured to equip graduates with the knowledge and competencies to respond effectively to the needs and demands of the ill and terminal patients. The specialized nurse functions is to provide services such as long-term nursing care to patients with cancer, prescreening prior to chemotherapy administration, management of fatigue, general symptom management and care of bone marrow transplantation patients.
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Post Basic in Critical Care Nursing

The Critical Care Nursing course prepares graduates for the challenges of practices in the field of critical care. The critical care nurses will be able to work in the subsets of adult, pediatric and neonatal care, caring for acutely ill patients of all ages. The graduates will be certified as critical care nurses that will ensure all critically ill patients receive optimal care for the illnesses and injuries. Majority of these nurses will work in hospital settings where critically ill patients are present, including intensive care units, cardiac care units, telemetry units, progressive care units, emergency departments, and recovery rooms. Some critical care nurses also work in nursing homes, schools, outpatient surgery centers and flight units.
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